Large Tree Removals

"If there is any doubt whether you need a professional or not, you probably do. Anything that involves elevated heights, close proximity to property, etc., needs to be handled by a local tree removal company, specialized in complicated removals".

Large And Dangerous Tree Removal

Big tree removals may require advanced rigging techniques via specialized tools, equipment or crane to safely remove a tree with no impact to your surrounding landscape & structures. At Global Tree Care LLC we are highly skilled and experienced in several disciplines of professional rigging and have over 20 years’ combined tree care experience in the dismantling of larger trees up north in Boston, Massachusetts and the proper education to complete the most challenging of tree removals in West Central, Florida in the greater Tampa Bay Area, including Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Polk County.

Our well-equipped crews are led by experienced climbers. The pairing of best-in-industry equipment with vast experience means you can rest easy. We specialize in the removal of large and dangerous trees. If your tree is in a tricky location or has stood for generations, we can help remove it with care.

Large Tree Removal 

Large trees may need to be lifted with a crane or bobcat.

Global Tree Care LLC can help you with all hard to reach or large tree removal services. Elms, pines, hack berries, maples, sweet gum, cypress, sycamore, cottonwood trees grow the biggest in Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, and Hillsborough County.

Pine Tree Removals

Pine trees typically grow higher then oaks and hardwoods. When removing a pine tree, you must first know how they grow inside. Pines are heavily wooded, and tend to break more easily then oaks. The limbs will snap if frozen or dried out from the heat, which can make the removal process dangerous. Global Tree Care LLC can help you with your pine removal services with low prices. We will send out a qualified sales tech to survey your pines, and help you decide what pines need to be cut or trimmed back so damage is prevented. 

Oak Tree Removals 

How are oak trees different from pine trees? First off, oaks are “hardwood trees” and do not tend to break as easy as pines. Oak tree roots run deep and cover large surface areas above and below the ground. The Greater Tapa Bay Area has many different types of oak trees ranging from red oaks, willow oaks, white oaks, black oaks, pin oaks, post oaks, water oaks, live oaks and much more. Oak trees are great firewood trees, and are considered one the best woods for cooking. 

Removing Large Trees

Large trees can be the most dangerous parts of your landscape. While trees provide a beautiful addition to any yard, when damaged they can fall on buildings, cars, and even people. Regularly inspecting your trees can better prepare you for when it might be time to remove your tree, although storms and severe weather can often catch you by surprise. In the case of large trees, it’s crucial that you use a professional company like Global Tree Care to remove the tree for the safest and most efficient option in your local area. Even though you might be well versed in trimming and removing smaller trees, large trees can be a completely different world and require different equipment, tools, and safety procedures. As experts in the field, Global Tree Care's Team can provide you with advice on how to best deal with the variety of trees you may have on your property.

Impact of Large Trees

With large trees come expansive root systems… and that means a lot of things around the tree can be impacted. Nearby plants are probably intertwined with the tree roots, and cement slabs on your property might already be starting to crack from them. If left unmanaged, large trees actually have the capability to easily fracture the foundation of your home if close enough. With that being said, sometimes in order to save the rest of your landscape (or maybe even your home’s structural integrity) you must make the decision to cut the tree down and remove the stump.

The decision to cut down a large tree should not be taken lightly. Towering trees often provide homes with quite a few benefits. For one, mature trees can shade a home from the sun, saving the homeowner some utility costs and the need for sunblock when sitting on their porch can be a great addition to overall value for a home. Another benefit is the privacy provided by these trees. However, no matter the pros of having large trees in your yard, it does not matter if that tree is infected with disease or dying and posing a threat – they must be removed. Knowing what kind of trees are in your yard can better prepare you for their durability and expected lifetime (as well as when they might need to be removed).

Hazards Associated with Large Tree Removal

Large limbs can snap and crush you or your loved ones; a tree can collapse in an unpredictable way or you may fall from a tree while trying to remove some of the limbs. These are just a few of the ways you can be injured trying to do tree trimming or removal project yourself. Furthermore, you could damage your home, shed or property with a falling tree or limb.

While many homeowners are familiar with removing small branches from their trees, they do not understand how technical and complicated a full tree removal project is. While there are safety aspects for keeping a person safe when removing large tree limbs there are also things to consider for keeping the tree safe, you don’t want to kill the tree while removing a branch. Chopping up firewood or removing small branches that are in your way does not give you the know how to remove a large tree from your property.

The cost of removing a tree can be a big shock to homeowners. There are a lot of factors to consider when figuring out the cost of removing a tree. The height of the tree is one of the biggest factors. If a tree is very tall, perhaps 80-feet for instance, it will increase the cost significantly over a 20-foot-tall tree.

Trimming trees also changes price based off the height and size of the tree. When talking to a company about tree removal costs you will want to ensure they have current licenses and insurances. A low bid may seem appealing but if they don’t have the right insurance to protected themselves and you it can cost you a lot more in the long run.

If you have a large tree that is threatening your home or your personal safety, there are emergency tree removal services that may cost more but can come out quickly and keep you safe. If the tree has already fallen and just needs to be removed a tree removal company is still the safest bet and they will have the machinery needed to remove a large tree quickly.

Don’t Overlook These Hazards

Some trees are more hazardous to remove than others. Trees that are close to power lines put the technician in danger. Dead trees are also more hazardous and can cost more to have removed. Proper trimming and care can help prevent these scenarios. If a tree has been struck my lightening, you will need to contact an emergency tree service immediately. These trees can fall and cause a lot of damage.

The Aftermath of Removing a Large Tree

After a large tree has been cut down you will have to decide how you want to deal with the wood. You can have the wood hauled away but the tree trimmers where it will be recycled into bark or other materials. The trimmers can also cut the tree into manageable chunks which can be split and used in a fireplace or for campfires. You can perform the splitting yourself or hire a service to do the work for you. In any event, a large tree produces literally tons of wood that you’ll have to deal with. Global Tree Care's Grappler service can remove and haul this debris away fast and efficiently.