Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our Mission at Global Tree Care is to be dedicated environmental stewards, while providing exceptional tree care, prompt response, and outstanding customer service while emphasizing safety.. To pursue the success of our employees through a commitment to education, training, and innovation. We base our success on customer & tree satisfaction, and the knowledge that we have completed the project to the highest standards in arboriculture.

Believe us when we say, we love trees! As a company of certified arborists, our goal is always to protect, preserve and maintain the health of the trees in our community. But, we understand that sometimes, trees have to come down. Our certified arborists can provide tree risk assessments, when necessary, and educate tree owners on the health and longevity of their trees.

We pride ourselves on high-quality work and precise attention to detail. As members of the local community, the Global Tree Care's team is well educated on the Florida native plant and animal life. We work hard to ensure safety and beauty, while preserving the integrity of your property.

Our Vision

Global employs highly skilled professionals who take pride in our work, provide exceptional service, and are empowered to drive results that achieve superior value and quality; making us the first choice in tree care providers. We are committed to doing the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons. We strive to be the most outstanding tree care company in the communities we serve, empower our team to be committed leaders, and to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers, associates, suppliers, and community members.

Our Values

I – Integrity – We are committed to operating in a manner that is open and honest. We take our relationships seriously and go to great lengths to ensure that trust is maintained. We believe that there is never a wrong time to do what is right.

C – Customers – We are dedicated to providing outstanding service to our customers. We recognize that if we do not care for our customers, someone else will. We are constantly focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations.

A – Associates – We take pride in our qualified, experienced, and capable associates and recognize them as our most valuable assets. Our associates are the backbone of the organization, and we promote a work environment based on leadership, teamwork, training, and a standard of excellence.

R – Responsibility & Safety – Our work practices include operating in a manner that is responsible and safe. We strive to protect the health and well-being of the individual and the environment. Safety is recognized as a necessity in our daily work activities.

E – Excellence – We strive to operate with excellence in every area of our business. We take pride in our work and desire to be recognized as a leader in the tree care industry. Both outstanding teamwork and individual effort are required in order for the company to perform with excellence in all areas.


Be trustworthy

Project a positive image and attitude

Develop and Maintain a highly skilled workforce

Practice safe behaviors and ensure the safety of others

Be operationally and customer focused

Be respectful of each other


Exceed Expectations

See it, Own it, Act on it

Listen to understand, communicate to be understood

Promote and Encourage safe and good work


Be accountable

Be ethical

Create an environment of trust and respect

Celebrate successes and have fun