Commercial Services

We can help you by offering the following:

Be a resource not only for you and your team, but also be available for meetings and presentations with your boards and homeowners.

Help ensure continuity of care and information management when boards turn over.

Reserve studies management.

Identify and mitigate potential liabilities to keep your current and future homeowners safe, including removal of broken branches or dead/dying trees and treating any pests or disease.

Support the health and beauty of your trees and increase curb appeal for current and future homeowners – proactive pruning, maintenance and Tree Health Care.

We are here to make your job a little easier and help you be successful. You can count on our prompt and reliable service, courteous and professional crews and outstanding clean-up. Global knows how to make you and your properties look good!

Expert Tree Trimming, Removal & Care

If you have trees on your business or commercial property, you’ll want to look into consulting a commercial tree service for your landscaping needs. But what exactly does a commercial tree service provide? Let’s discuss further.

Municipal & Government Properties

Global Tree Care understands the visual impact that a landscape has on its visitors. We have over 20 + years of experience providing full-service Tree Care to municipal, corporate, institutional, historic and residential properties throughout the Greater Tampa Bay Area in Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas, Hillsborough and Polk County.

Public Gardens & Arboreta

Trust Global Tree Care LLC with the unique needs of your expansive gardens. Global is proud to work closely with horticulturists and arborists on staff to provide specialized expertise, services and equipment, as needed. Our team approach advances science-based, pragmatic solutions to preserve healthy, sustainable landscapes.

School & Colleges

The campus of a school is more than just a series of lawns and trees. For current students and faculty, it’s their home away from home. For prospective students it can be an important consideration in the decision-making process. For visitors, it’s a living, breathing representation of your institution. With this in mind, it’s important that your campus is maintained to the highest standard of quality.

Golf Course & Country Clubs

The game of golf incorporates passion, consistency and attention to detail. These three critical components are also Global's guiding principles. We are proud of achieving beautiful results on golf courses and helping you provide your members with the ultimate club experience.

Offices, Parks, Retail, & Industrial

Professional tree care maintenance for your commercial property will enhance its visual appeal to visitors and employees alike. Beyond aesthetics, Global's knowledgeable arborists are trained to reduce risk and can be instrumental in protecting and enhancing the value of your investment.

HOA, Condo's, Co-op & CDD's

At Global Tree Care LLC, we understand that the main priorities for your homeowners association and CDD are to keep your communities safe and beautiful while making sure you meet the wants and needs of your Board of Directors. As a property manager, you understand the value and importance of a beautiful landscape. Global Tree Care has vast experience working with property managers and their in-house staff to achieve Tree Care goals, overcome challenges and stay within budget. Services are performed by certified arborists and highly trained personnel to ensure the best possible results for your trees and shrubs


To protect and enhance the value of your apartment communities. We understand that the main priorities at your apartments are to maximize occupancy and property value, while creating a safe and welcoming environment for your current and future residents.

Trust Global Tree Care With Your Tree Services

Our trained tree service experts at Global Tree Care LLC understand the complexities of proper Tree Care. We are passionate about caring for trees and helping your commercial property look its best. We offer comprehensive tree services to address all of your needs.

Get Quality Commercial Tree Trimming Services

Trees, like other natural organisms, will respond to their environment. If left unfettered, they will grow large and unruly. Keep your property looking clean and manicured with our commercial tree trimming services. Just like you cut your hair to maintain its health and beauty, your trees need similar attention.

Don’t Let a Tree Stump You

It is no secret that a healthy, well-groomed tree can offer many benefits to a property. In fact, research shows that trees can increase property value by 14%. However, factors such as harsh winds, insects, and storms can kill or cause damage to your trees. Not only does this detract from the appearance of your business, but it can also cause structural problems. Our tree service professionals can remove dead trees from your lawn in no time at all.

Commercial Tree Services

Trees are beautiful and sturdy, adding value, privacy, and character to your property. Not only do they enhance landscapes, they also provide essential oxygen, better water quality, and can reduce noise pollution. For a business, trees can offer aesthetic value, making a good first impression on customers and employees alike. At Global Tree Care, we offer comprehensive tree services for commercial properties, from Removal to Stump Grinding.

For Commercial Services

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