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We specialize in a variety of services. Our aim is to deliver the top level of customer service based on your requests. 

Tree work is very dangerous and unpredictable. Therefore, please call your local Tree Care Specialist and Tree Care Professionals to have your trees inspected by professionals only. Don't risk your well-being for something we've trained 20 years for.    

Tree Services

Invasive Species Removal

Clearing overgrowth in Retention Ponds and man-made lakes/ponds.

Hurricane & Storm Services

Debris Removal Services

Land Clearing   

Lot Clearing

In most counties and cities in Florida requires you to obtain a permit to remove trees prior to beginning any project.  This includes live, dying, or hazardous or dead trees. Please See our Arborist Letter Section to read more.


Who has time for appointments?!

At Global Tree Care LLC, our certified arborists provide hassle free estimates. That means you don’t have to work around crazy schedules or take off work for us to evaluate your tree needs… free of charge. 

Simply tell us the tree’s location and services needed and an ISA certified arborist will stop by, evaluate your tree, and email you a hassle free estimate!

"We go out on a limb, so you won't have to."