Natural Disaster / Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Season is already upon us; so have your trees inspected by the PROFESSIONALS!

Storm Damage Prevention

We believe in minimizing the damage done to your property by hurricanes and other major storms. That's why we offer storm damage prevention services in addition to cleanup services. This comprehensive set of services includes assessing the health of your trees, maintaining your trees and ensuring that they are properly trimmed and pruned, and removing any trees or tree parts that are no longer safe or salvageable.

This doesn't guarantee that you won't still experience some damage when the next hurricane or major storm rolls through, but it will help minimize the amount of damage that you experience and, subsequently, the amount of cleanup that needs to be done.

Storm Surge Clean-Up

While many believe that high winds are the most damaging part of a storm, it should be noted that storm surges can cause just as much damage. A storm surge is an abnormal rise in the level of seawater during a storm. That water is then pushed onto the shore and crashes through the area, creating a literal wall of water. Even a "small" storm surge of around one foot could have enough power to move your car from the road as it moves through. As you might imagine, these storm surges can also do quite a bit of damage to your trees.

If you have trees that have been damaged - or even levelled - by a storm surge, you might very well be facing uprooted trees in your yard or thick limbs littering your property. This can be an overwhelming sight, and often leaves individuals shaking their heads in frustration. This is where the professionals come in!

The arborists at Global Tree Care LLC, have experience in cleaning up after even the worst of storm surges. We are happy to help so that you don't have to do it yourself. Instead of struggling through the cleanup alone, give us a call and let us clear your property for you. We will gather and remove all fallen material and work to save any trees that are salvageable. With our help, you can restore your landscape to its former glory and once again see trees that are healthy and safe.

Hurricane Clean-Up

In fact, it has experienced more direct hits from hurricanes than perhaps any other state in the country. It seems likely, then, that you have either experienced or might experience one while living in Florida and could see firsthand just how much damage the winds and rain can do to your trees. This is one of the many reasons why you should take good care of your trees and ensure that they are properly maintained (services which we are happy to offer). Sometimes, however, despite the best attempts and attention paid to your trees, the storm is simply too strong for them to come out unscathed. When this happens, you might very well be faced with a yard full of tree limbs and debris. Natural disasters can wreak havoc upon your trees and might even leave you with a mess to clean up after the storm has passed.

If you find yourself in need of aid after a hurricane, do not wait to reach out for help. You don't have to struggle through the cleanup process on your own! There are undoubtedly many things that will clamor for your attention during this stressful and frustrating time. Let the professionals at Global Tree Care LLC, clean your yard and dispose of the debris from your trees through our grappler services. We're happy to offer these services to help get your daily life back on track - and when you opt for us, you can rest easy with the knowledge that we'll take care of your cleanup as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

 Luckily, you don't have to do it all alone. In fact, you don't have to clean up any of it at all if you'd rather not. This is where professionals, like those at Global Tree Care LLC comes in!

Cleaning up after a hurricane or tropical storm can seem like an overwhelming task. Whether you choose to clean up yourself or hire a professional tree removal company, such as  Global Tree Care, safety should always be your first priority. When cleaning up yourself, always work with at least one other person and take periodic breaks to prevent overexertion injuries. During clean-up, identify which tasks you and others can handle and what should be left to the professionals with  Global Tree Care, such as any clean-up that requires climbing. 

Natural Disaster Clean-Up

In addition to the aforementioned hurricane and storm surge cleanup, we want to assure you that at Global Tree Care LLC, we have the ability needed to clean up after almost any kind of natural disaster you might experience. We are able to assess the situation, determine what needs to be removed entirely and what can be saved, and then spring into action as quickly as possible to help return your property to its prior state. Reach out to us for more information and remember - you don't have to handle this on your own. Let the professional Tree Service step in and shoulder some of the burden.

Several months prior to hurricane season, do the following 

Never "top" or "hatrack" any tree. "Hatracking" is the term used when a tree is cut or chopped so badly that it is left with few or no leaves on the branches.  Do not remove more than 25 percent of the tree canopy. Do not cut the tree root system. Remove mainly the interior branches. This will thin the canopy of the tree and allow the winds to pass through it more easily. Make sure to correctly dispose of all tree cuttings since branches and stumps left out in the open can become projectiles during a storm. Once the tree trimming has been completed, schedule a bulky waste pickup. Because a well-cared-for tree is one of the best ways to protect your home from storm damage, saving as many trees as possible is to your benefit. 

Here are some simple guidelines for post-storm tree clearing and salvage: 

Survey the area for downed power lines. Cut any downed trees or branches blocking major roadways in order to help clear a path for emergency vehicles, utility trucks and other heavy machinery. Survey your property and remove trees or branches that are blocking access to your home. Cut any leaning or split trees that have a high probability of falling and causing additional damage to lives or property. Remove trees that are blocking access to utility poles or boxes. Remember that the wires may be live, so do not attempt to remove trees leaning on power lines. A partially uprooted tree can be saved by digging out the roots and standing the tree back upright. Big trees may need a come-along or backhoe to pull the tree back up.

Getting Ready Before a Major Storm

Improperly pruning trees before a storm can increase the possibility they will break or fall more easily during the storm. The large amounts of fallen and damaged trees usually seen after a storm are from improper cutting or pruning of trees.

Weakened Support Structures

These dangers can be more difficult to spot unless you know what to look for. Support structures include the foundation, roof, and exterior walls of a home or business. Signs of damage to the structural supports include: Cracked, chipped, or missing roofing material; Cracks in the exterior walls and/or foundation; Leaking or sagging roof; and Buckling, bowing, or uneven floors.

Downed Power Lines

Treat every downed, hanging, or loose power line as though it’s live. If you’re outside surveying the damage or cleaning up, look up to make sure you don’t come into contact with hanging or loose lines. Don’t drive through standing water if you can see power lines touching the water. A good way to minimize downed power lines is to speak with an Tree Expert with Global Tree Care. Our certified arborist will look at the trees on your property and make recommendations for pruning and removal of branches, limbs, and trees, which may affect power lines in a storm.

How To Spot Dangers After A Storm

Once a hurricane or tropical storm has passed, it may seem like the worst is over.  But, there are many dangers to be mindful of as you go outside to survey the damage. Keep an eye out for these common hazards in the Greater Tampa Bay Area after a storm.

For Storm / Hurricane Clean-up

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