License and Insurance Coverage's

Commercial General Liability

A policy that is up to date and specifically covers tree care and removal operations above 12 feet is a requirement to cover any property damage. Global Tree Care’s general liability insurance & workers’ compensation insurance is specific for tree service operations and covers all arboriculture and landscaping services. Most companies will claim they carry this coverage but unfortunately they do not and this ends up costing the customer 2X over. Tree service insurance requirements are necessary to protect you, the homeowner and employees of the tree company performing this dangerous and specialized work.

Worker's Compensation Coverage 

The Code 0106 is carried on all of our employees at all times. This code is for tree care operations exceeding 12 feet above the ground.

Please note that workers’ compensation code 0122 for lawn or landscape care does not cover tree care operations above 12 feet. Any company performing tree work over 12 feet high is required by the state to carry workers’ compensation insurance code 0106 and must cover any and all personnel on the property during tree care & removal operations.

The correct workers’ compensation insurance for tree services protects the homeowner/ client from assuming liability in the event of an injury or death while on the job site.

Exceeding OSHA Requirements

All our trucks are equipped with safety & medical equipment that exceed OSHA requirements. Safety is always our first priority as we strive to make this inherently dangerous occupation safe.

Tree Service Insurance and liability requirements through the state are there for your protection of your home, property, and personal assets. Many times homeowners are tricked or fooled by fake tree services portraying themselves as the "Real McCoy" however, the usually isn't the truth.  Please ask EVERY company no matter a Tree Service or another kind of contactor; please ensure that that companies policies are ACTIVE!

There is also a free website for you to ensure that the company of your choosing is active with the State of Florida by searching the Business' names to see if they are carrying an valid TREE SERIVCE license. ( Feel free to search our name Global Tree Care LLC! 

 Global Tree Care LLC carries  1 Million dollars in General liability, an additional 2+ million in aggregated coverage and more policies to protect all individuals, vehicles, and people involved with the job at interest. WE carry copies of our current coverages for your viewing. We take pride knowing we are fully covered and so are YOU!