Tree Removal

Global Tree Care LLC is here to help you with all of your Tree removal needs in the greater Tampa Bay Area, including multiple surrounding counties; Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, and Hillsborough, and Polk county.

Trusted and Experienced Tree Experts

We are the local Tree Removal Specialist and Professionals you can depend on to help you safely and effectively remove trees from your property. Global can remove dead trees or diseased trees so your landscape can remain safe for your loved ones and any visitors to your property. 

If it has been agreed that removal is the best solution, Global Tree Care LLC can provide full-service tree clearing and clean-up. We can carefully remove any size tree with minimal damage to surrounding trees and landscaping. Every proposal includes take-down, chipping, clean-up and haul-off services as part of the job. You can hire Global Tree Care LLC with confidence, knowing that all our workers are insured and professional. It’s the quality and service we guarantee. 

Sometimes, especially with particularly large trees, there are branches that grow far enough to become dangerous to a home or fence. If you have tree limbs that lean precariously over the roof of your bedroom, for example, or perhaps even above your car in the driveway, you should look into having them removed.

Hanging limbs can often be removed without hurting the integrity of the tree in question or compromising its structural support. Don't put off calling for help because you're worried about having to remove the entire tree, in other words, because that's often not necessary.

Professional Removal

Global Tree Care is backed with  ISA certified Arborist, meaning we carefully assess your property to determine the best approach for removing your trees.

Tree removal in our local area is a job that requires a professional arborist. The certified arborists at Global Tree Care are well-versed in removal techniques, which include everything from careful piecing and lowering of branches to precision felling of large trunks. Global Tree Care's arborists are ISA certified, meaning we carefully assess your property to determine the best approach for removing your trees.

Arborist are backed by the ISA which allows us to go above and beyond the municipalities and avoid them from controlling  the removal of trees on  your property/homestead. For a small fee we can have a letter written and get right into removing. 

Trees may need to be removed because of storm damage or because an incoming storm is posing a hazard to your trees and property. Our experts can remove your tree quickly and safely.

Tree removal may require a permit depending on species, size and municipality jurisdiction. We’re prepared to advise you in this process, in the Greater Tampa Bay Area