Meet The Owners

Alex was born in Cuba and migrated to the United States to Massachusetts at a very young age, where he later found his niche in the Tree industry. Alex decided after high school that he was going to be a Tree Service Owner one day and would provide the best service possible with not only animals, and the ecosystem in mind with also maintaining customer and tree satisfaction.

In 2004 Global Tree Care INC. was officially opened and successfully run for 20 years in Boston, Massachusetts. After quite some thought and after much success in Boston, a great leap of faith was taken and Global Tree Care moved to SWFL.

By sheer fate, or by the act of God, a tree was stuck by lightening in Cape Coral, FL that needed immediate assistance where Global Tree Care was called. This is when Alex met his now Fiancé Rachael. Her Tree was a massive oak that required a crane service and the oak was full of iguanas. Alex was the "Lizard King" in that tree. Though their relationship didn't begin there, a friendship and business partnership did. Together they created a team that was unparalleled. With Rachael's business mindset and Alex's Arborist skills, Global Tree Care LLC began to take flight.

In 2019, Global Tree Care relocated from Cape Coral, Florida, to Holiday, Florida. This move was the greatest. Tree City! Alex fell in love with the area and decided to stay put. Global Tree Care LLC began to take off in service and production. Shortly after his move, Rachael soon followed, opening Global Tree Care's Commercial Division and marketing wide and far.

Soon, Global Tree Care acquired our official number (813)-CUT-TREE! This was a killer marketing tactic!!! There is no better Tree Service than Global Tree Care LLC, with a number like (813)-CUT-TREE!

Alex and Rachael are the dynamic duo, if we had a choice of a term to call them, we'd say they're a power couple. when it comes to their business, they work well together, they work hard, and they take pride in all of their work.

Global Tree Care prides themselves on our customer service and "Tree Satisfaction".

Global Tree Care LLC is Family owned and operated. Alex and Rachael have 6 beautiful children who will one day take over Global Tree Care when its time for them to retire.

In the mean time, they both plan on building their business to the top and leaving behind a legacy for their children to tend to.

Thank you.